Our philosophy is that everyone can learn if instructed in a method utilizing their learning style.  We continuously use praise and positive reinforcement to improve the student's self-confidence.  After diagnostic testing we design a program for each individual student.

We use Multisensory techniques to help students utilize all senses in learning.

Our goal is to convince the student that he can learn.  He must experience success quickly.  Instruction must be structured so that skills and content are learned in a sequential fashion.  Our tutoring works quickly because the procedures we use have been carefully researched and are optimum for teaching and learning.

Our teachers care about each student and the students will have the same teacher at all their sessions.  We always have a one-to-one teacher student ratio!

Information about Jayne McCullough and OPEN WORLD READING CENTER

After graduating from Michigan State University, I began my teaching career in a First Grade classroom.  As the year ended, I realized that some students were struggling with reading.  I decided to go back to school and get my Masters Degree in Reading so I could help all children read well. 

Having completed my degree, I felt I could offer the most help as a Reading Support Teacher.  I taught at the elementary, middle school and college levels helping students overcome reading disabilities.  In addition, I taught sessions to teachers and parents on techniques to help their children.

After a Michigan Reading Association conference, I learned about a reading program that usually raised a student's reading level to their grade level, no matter how many years behind they were to begin with.  This was remarkable in that it often took several years of instruction to reach grade level in reading.  We couldn't do this in the public school setting as we needed to work with students one on one.  An administrator suggested that I start my own tutoring center to reach more students.  I started Open World Reading Center in 1986, working with children and adults in the afternoon and evening after my regular school day.

Parents, of our students, made me aware that there was a need for Math tutoring,  ACT and SAT test prep.  We now tutor all subjects and test prep.

I handpicked every teacher, making sure they have high academic standards and a passion for teaching.  The teachers are caring and committed to each student's success.   The teachers provide constant encouragement and positive reinforcement to their students.  All of our teachers are certified teachers with either Masters or Doctoral Degrees.

All tutoring is done by appointment only.

 E-Mail:  openworld8@aol.com